Delivery Info


Delivery Area & Fees

Minimum for FREE delivery is $2,000. Limited to Sussex & Kent Counties in DE & Dorcester, Caroline, Talbot, Wicomico & Worcester Counties in MD.

Delivered sales below minimum, but within 10 miles is $50.

within 10-20 miles is $75.

within 20-30 miles is $100.

Beyond 30 miles in above counties is $125.

Delivery beyond above to be determined on an individual sale basis within delivery area.

Delivery Policies

Items you purchase may be delivered without an additional charge, provided your sale meets our minimum. We do expect you to be home on the agreed upon day. Service charges apply to missed deliveries.

  • We cannot give exact times, but we can give you an approximate time window and/or stop number. If you call the store after 10:00 or 11:00am, the morning of your delivery, we will do our best to estimate.
  • We do expect you to remove obstacles, delicate items, any hazards, and have any pets penned or out of the way.
  • Please do not expect us to remove any old or existing furnishings, unless previous arrangements were made with your salesperson and noted on your receipt.
  • We will and do inspect your new furnishings prior to delivery. We assemble, if necessary, and provide you with care instructions and any manufacturer’s warranty information.
  • If you pick up your item(s), you will need to assist in loading, and provide an adequate vehicle to do so. We provide some packing/wrapping material, but suggest you bring protective padding supplies since we do not supply moving blankets.
  • Furnishings being picked up become the responsibility of the customer once they are loaded.
  • Normal service and repair rates apply to customer picked up items.